Thursday, September 9, 2010


Here are a few sunsets I've pulled out of the 'ol library, some taken here in Texas, most in my vacation home of Cozumel, Mexico and an odd ball from Missouri...

Sunset over Grand Prairie, Texas from Cedar Hill Park

Blue Angel Resort, (formerly Caribe Blu)
 Cozumel, Mexico

"Leap frog" statue on Ave. Milgar,
Cozumel, Mexico

My favorite Cozumel sunset pic. Shot at Blue Angel Resort
The stingray ecounter pen pilons lead the eye right to the sunset
and I like the dive shower in the forground.

Punta Sur (South Point),
Cozumel, Mexico

not your typical sunset shot, but still one of my fav's from the
main harbor on Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel Sunset

Golden City, Missouri sunset

Cedar Hill Park sunset

The "divers" statue on the Ave. Milgar,
Cozumel, Mexico

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just for the fun of it...Things I am or have been...

 Christian, son, grandson, husband, brother, student, artist, draftsman, designer, photographer, cowboy, volunteer, educator, usher, bus boy, dishwasher, physical trainer, carpet cleaner, bartender, bouncer, cook, disc jockey (club and radio), sailor, radioman, salesman, mechanic, bill poster, printer, diver, electronics technician; underwater guide, photographer, construction & salvage worker; secretary/treasurer, typewriter cleaner, jack-of-all-trades maintenance man, driver, delivery person, IT semi-specialist…

...and that’s just the first 50 years!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So I've been meaning to post some underwater pics...I rummaged through my libraries and came up with a few fav's to share...all shots were taken on the reefs of Cozumel, Mexico...
Branch coral at Palancar Horseshoe. This is a personal favorite, I don't get a lot of "oo's and ahh's" off of it, but I really like the texture of the coral against the black background.

I shot this small grouper at Palancar Bricks. I love the way I was able to get the fish's head in focus, but still captured the motion of his tail as he zipped past me.

This Yellow Spotted Moray eel just seemed to be posing for me at Palancar Gardens.

Brittle Sea Star on red sponge at Villablanca Shallows.

This pic of an anemone is right out of the camera, no Photoshop involved.
 I like it because the colors are a little unusual for most reef shots of Coz, somewhat muted.

Probably my favorite lobster shot I've taken through the years. This guy was HUGE and seemed to have no fear. I swam up to him and stuck my camera out to focus. Instead of moving back into his cubby hole like they usually do, this one started walking towards me! and "embraced" me with it's antennas.

Bandid Coral Shrimp can be found all over the reefs. I captured these little bugs hanging out in this sponge. The antenna and colors kind of give it a fireworks like feel to the photo.
Super close up of a small Nurse Shark.