Monday, September 29, 2014

Opening day The Great State Fair of Texas 2014

"Howdy Folks"
Big Tex welcomes all visitors to the 2014 State Fair of Texas!
It's Greyhound Bus' 100th anniversary this year,
they have a big tent with several of the different model busses through the years

The original Greyhound was a car!
This is one of 16 left in the World!

This guy entertaining folks in the Coliseum

Fried Peaches-n-Cream at The Doc!

the contrast of modern architectural features on the Cotton Bowl
& the beautiful Art Deco details of Texas Hall

the tower building & Big Tex in Big Tex Square

Children's Aquarium Ed Center

a bucking horse sculpture out of tools!

Lore clowning around...

Texas Star

Don't forget to check out all the beautiful landscape at Fair Park

how 'bout a carousel ride?

It's not the state fair until you've had a patty melt at Katies!

Midway color

sunset over Texas

The beer & wine garden has tastes from all over Texas

The Marine Band is back this year!!

and beauty queens!

...corn dogs ...

... Ronald ...

...hey buddy! how 'bout a hand!

guess what the shovel is for ...

... more beauty queens!

this guy!

pizza anyone?

Can Can Girls!

Stilt people....

You know the parade is over when the Shriner Band goes by...

...backed by DPD!

This year's 'butter sculpture' are horses!

Come see all the winners in the Arts & Crafts building...

ride the sky ride...

sometimes when you don't have your settings right,
it still turns out cool ...

gateway to fun!

chicken anyone?


1-2-3 GO!

Midway fun...

the stuffed animals get bigger every year!
animal fun in the barn areas!
The Great State Fair of Texas runs through October 19th!