Friday, October 21, 2011

Butterflies at the State Fair...

...some shots of butterflies in the "Butterfly house & Insectarium"
at the Texas Discovery Garden building at the Great State Fair of Texas...

Blue & White Longwing (I think)
Heliconius cydono
Central & South America

Danaus plexippus
North & Central America

Owl Butterfly
Caligo memnon
Central to South America

Not on my ID card...

...but very pretty, nontheless!

Danaus plexippus
North & Central America

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Then and now...

Ok, this is fun! On the left is an iconic American photo by Photographer Jeff Brouws, , in 1993 of the Capri Motel's sign in Joplin, Missouri, while traveling the old Rout 66...

...on the right is a photo I made this past Sunday while passing through Joplin on my way back home from my Dad's house...

...I hope to go by there on my next trip in the evening and try and do an exact update, if the thing is still working. The hotel is going through repairs from this past April's devastating tornado that cut a HUGE 1/2 mile wide swath through the Southwestern Missouri town.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Now offering photo editing services!!!...

So, you came back from vacation and your digital photos
didn't quite turn out the way you thought they would?

 Or maybe you decided to save money and take the kiddos school
or graduation photos yourself and they need a little 'tweeking' to make them look more professional

Wrong exposure? Forgot the flash? Hair in your face? Want something, or someone, removed?
Skin blemishes removed? Maybe a few pounds shed? (shhhh, our secret)

or maybe you just want something "fancy schmancy" from your photos...

(original pic from stock photos at Google/images)

...a lot of folks are getting underwater cameras these days and not getting the results they want.

Send your files to me and I'll make you look like a pro!

Contact me by e-mail for pricing and availability.
Prices starting at $20/per file!
(contact information on the right-hand blog panel)

Air Force One... Love Field, Dallas. The President is in town for some fundraisers...